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Sheet metal fabrication

There are a variety of commercial projects, HVAC-related or not, that require the use of sheet metal.

At HVAC For Life, we service Brampton and the greater Ontario area by manufacturing and customized galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and more. These have a variety of different applications for all kinds of commercial and residential projects.

When you invest in custom sheet metal fabrication, you’re assuring a more effective fit, and also helping to save money on some of the costs associated with your commercial installation.


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Providing all your ductwork needs

When you need ductwork for HVAC projects, failing to properly fit or seal it could potentially lead to leaks and other inefficiencies. In the beginning, this may not make a huge difference. But over time, it can potentially lead to large energy bill costs due to having to turn up your HVAC systems to compensate for these leaks.

Along with avoiding leaks, opting for custom sheet metal fabrication is a better fit for a lot of different commercial properties. For example, large buildings that have seen a lot of renovations and modifications over the years may now have unique layouts, the type of layouts that are difficult to accommodate with general ductwork or sheet metal.

Get it customized!

Getting your ductwork custom-fabricated also will help avoid damage to historic buildings and it is easier to retrofit onto existing HVAC systems.

Another thing that’s worth mentioning is that since custom sheet metal fabrication is made to fit your specific needs, it also tends to have a longer lifespan. For example, if you were to buy a stock product, it would be made with a general set of alloys that may be able to handle the environment it is exposed to.

However, by opting for a custom project, you can explain the exact nature of your commercial building and have the perfect match constructed just for you and your project!

Ultimately, when you invest in custom sheet metal fabrication for your Brampton commercial property, you are ensuring that you’re going to save money in the future and also have a project done that you are happy with. The added durability and lifespan of custom fabrication means that you will have a project that will ultimately pay for itself.


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