Stainless Steel Custom Work

Stainless Steel Custom Work

Most of the Construction and industrial markets now a days are using the stainless-steel custom fabrication to make a lot of items from stainless steel for its look and life time like baseboard columns, Corner Guards, Stainless Steel Cladding, Backsplashes Metal Millwork Cladding.

Stainless steel Baseboard

SS baseboards is very popular and extremely demanded with builders and architects. its simple, easy to clean & maintain, and at the same time it looks modern, being hi resistant to harsh floor cleaning chemicals! This what makes SS Baseboard the best choice comparing to other materials.

Custom fabricating the stainless-steel baseboards gives the most flexibility in construction.

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Stainless Steel Columns

Dress structural elements with stainless steel and reinforced concrete columns to create a fantastic look. The material used for this is stainless steel to pairs concrete and brick walls with the stainless steel.
stainless steel Columns panels are fabricated in sections and wrapped around the column. This creates the appearance of a solid stainless-steel pillar which looks both strong, powerful, and luxurious.
In addition to column wrapping and cladding we are also able to fabricate column bases which are used in places such as airports, train stations, other high traffic areas. These columns base usually include a large bumper that prevents carts from bumping into the column thus preventing any damage to the finished column.

Stainless Steel Corner Guard

Corner guards Wall protection includes wall guards, bumper bars, crash rails, hand rails, and chair rails, Wall protection is commonly used to prevent damage to the wall surface from objects that pass through where usually get high traffic and subjected to damage by the movement of supplies, luggage, carts, equipment, and furniture.
We can fabricate Corner guards from many different materials, sizes, and thicknesses dependent on the application.
We can explain how to install it since Installation of corner guards is fairly straight forward and easy but if you want us to install it … yes, we can.

We fabricate corner guards according to customer’s specifications. When ordering please specify the material, thickness, flange sizes, length, and whether you require any mounting holes.

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Stainless Steel Cladding

SS is the most Reliable materials with many other benefits. Stainless steel cladding is the application to wrapp an object to create a clean finished surface like baseboards, doors, walls, ceilings, floors, columns, staircases, cabinets, countertops, backsplashes, panels, and trims. There really is no limit to what can be clad with stainless steel.

Working with expert in stainless steel is important to make sure its been designed carefully to avoid seams in areas that are highly visible or may be exposed to moisture. Some panels may need welding and polishing in order to eliminate one or more seams.

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