Insulated Flex Duct

Insulated Flex Duct

MEA • 2-Ply Polyester Air Duct

with fiberglass reinforced metalized vapor barrier

Designed for wherever UL-181 standards for Class 1 air duct is required.
The 2-ply polyester laminated inner core provides outstanding resistance and durability.The fiberglass reinforced metalized outer jacket is extremely strong and will not unravel.Suitable for use with heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

JV • Air Duct Insulation Sleeve

Heavy duty black polyester vapor barrier

Designed as a ready to use, energy efficient insulation blanket specifically produced for circular air duct insulation Provide an excellent method to reduce heat loss and condensation build-up Suitable for use with heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems

The professional team at HVAC FOR LIFE Inc. can fabricate all sheet metal products for all building applications. Our highly trained fabrication technicians work with you throughout the process, taking the time to understand the exact requirements of your installation before commencing the work.
We carry a variety of metal in all sizes ranging from 10 to 30 Gauge, and material options include galvanized, Mild and satin-coat steel. fabrication team are experts at crafting round and rectangular ventilation fittings.

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We offer the latest Insulated Flex Duct technology.

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