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Sheet metal fabrication

Commercial installations in Oakville have different demands for projects than a comparable project for a residential property. We make sure that you have all the materials you need for these jobs with our fabricated sheet metal work.

For example, opting for customized sheet metal for projects like a commercial Building or restaurant ventilation system means fewer leaks, which ultimately means lower energy costs for your business. The benefits don’t stop there, though. Here’s a closer look.


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Avoid damage during installation

As a start, many commercial buildings that have been around for a while may have unique layouts. This can be due to a history of renovations and revisions, or simply being a historical building with a layout that you rarely see. Opting for stock sheet metal can be extremely difficult for these scenarios because it may not fit correctly, or it could end up causing damage during installation. Using custom sheet metal avoids this issue completely.

Another benefit that we should talk about is retrofitting. A lot of commercial properties may have existing systems that simply need new sheet metal added as part of a repair or an upgrade. Using custom sheet metal makes it easier to find a fit for these existing options, rather than necessitating a full replacement you don’t actually need.

Get it customized!

A final benefit that we should talk about is the fact that custom sheet metal fabrication is a lot better suited for a long lifespan than its generic counterparts. The reason for this is that you can talk to your fabrication professional during the process to explain what the metal will be used for and what conditions it will be exposed to. This means a longer lifespan and fewer repair costs for you as a property owner.

When you look into custom sheet metal fabrication for your Oakville commercial property, you are making the practical decision and the right financial decision. Financially, you’re going to save on excessive repairs, as well as cutting down on energy expenses from ductwork that has leaks or is a poor fit. Practically, by investing in a project customized to fit your building and space, you’re more likely to be satisfied with the work done, as well as the end result!


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