Incentives and Rebates

January 1, 2019 / By Jorge

Incentives and Rebates

Whether it’s an upgrade to your furnace or air conditioner, a new heat pump or a smart thermostat, Save on Energy rebates can help you keep your home comfortable year-round, for less.

Save up to $850 with furnace and air conditioning rebates. Changes to your heating and cooling system can help you save on your overall energy costs year-to-year. A new high-efficiency furnace can reduce your heating costs by up to 25 per cent a year. Plus, a new ENERGY STAR®-certified central air conditioner uses up to 20 per cent less energy.

Equipment’s Eligible for Rebates by Ontario Power Authority:

Oil, electric, natural gas and propane furnaces are eligible for an upgrade, All new furnaces must be equipped with an electrically commutated motor.

CAC model must be energy star certified with a minimum seasonal energy efficiency SEER ratio of 18 and a minimum energy efficiency ratio EER OF 13 and qualified indoor coil.

Air Source HEAT Pump (ASHP); the building Must be a home or small business with electricity as primary heating source (70 per cent of total heating load), The ASHP must be energy star certified or a consortium for energy efficiency (CEE) Tier-1 level system, minimum SEER 15/HSP 8.5/EER 12.5 rating, Additional requirements apply to cold climate ASHPs.

ECM Circulator pump; the Pump must be installed on an existing hydronic heating system and not on a domestic hot water (DHW) heater. You must have a variable-speed electronically commutated motor.

$600 rebate for an ENERGY STAR-certified central air conditioner

The available rebates:


Rebate for a high-efficiency furnace


Rebate for an ENERGY STAR-certified central air conditioner


Rebate for a Smart Thermostat


Rebate for an ECM circulator pump (for electric boilers only)

Up to $4,0000

Rebate for a high-efficiency heat pump (for electrically-heated homes only)

How to Qualify for Ontario’s Energy Rebates in 2018:

To qualify for these rebates:


Select a participating Save On Energy contractor like hvac for life inc.


Have the work done before December 31, 2019.


Receive your rebate in the mail within 8 to 12 weeks.

More info

Please visit save Ontario energy website for more information