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December 5, 2018 / By Jorge

Air Conditioner Service Plans

We believe it, the last thing any one would like to have is broken down Air Conditioner especially when it’s hot and sticky humid out side, disregarding the premium cost for emergency service call at such days the point is,

Are you going to find this service right away when you need it the most?

The best way to guard your self against these unexpected brake downs and extra expenses is our hvac for life Service plans, we’ll make sure you don’t have breakdowns by doing the right maintenance at the right time; this way you will have the safe, secure and smooth running cooling system.

Our Air Conditioning service plans are to make sure all the machine components are in good working conditions AC Compressor, Condenser Fan, Contactor and Control all been checked and Maintained on an annual basis to ensure that they are operating at peak performance. Having your Air Conditioner service plan and maintenance agreement with hvac for life each year is the best thing you can do for your family.

Do your self a favor and Contact us to enroll your Air Conditioner in a good care service

Scope of work included in our Air Conditioner service plan:

Check and clean Blower and blower compartment.
Adjust and balance blower, checking the belt and replace it if required.
Lubricate all Mechanical parts.
Wash or replace your standard 1” Air filter.
Check operation of thermostat.
Measure and record temperature drop across evaporator coil.
Close humidifier bypass & turn off humidistat.
Check for unusual operating noises if any.
Visual inspection of refrigerant tubing and insulation.
Check Freon Pressure, make sure there is no refrigerant leak.
Clean your outdoor unit of dirt, grime and debris.
Ensure proper clearance around outdoor unit.
Inspect and tighten all electrical connections and contacts.
Check for air leakage in plenum and seal.
Clean the drain line and verify it is clear.
Test condensate pump if applicable.
Check fuse/breaker the power supply of the unit.

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