HRV Systems

Lifebreath  HRV

Lifebreath Heat Recovery Ventilator

The Lifebreath® HRV features a patented aluminum core which efficiently transfers heat from outgoing stale air to incoming fresh air. A Lifebreath® HRV lets you enjoy an energy efficient home without breathing harmful indoor fumes from paint, plastics, carpets, adhesives, and household products without lingering pet odours and moisture that causes mold.

Model Capacity  
95 MAX 60-76 CFM Lifebreath HRV system
155 MAX 169  CFM HRV mississauga
155ECM 140-164 CFM Lifebreath systems toronto
200 MAX 152-207 CFM heat recovery ventilator mississauga
195 DCS 155-203 CFM HRV systems
195 ECM 159-191 CFM
300 DCS 265 CFM
RNC 95 60-76 CFM
RNC5-TPD 90-130 CFM
RNC5-TPF 90-130 CFM
RNC 120D 123-142 CFM
RNC 155 92-144 CFM
RNC 200 152-207 CFM
RNC 10 123-177 CFM
RNC 20 170-214 CFM