Heat Loss Calculation

Central heating and cooling systems use an air distribution or duct system to circulate heated And/or cooled air to all the conditioned rooms in the house. Properly designed duct systems Can maintain uniform temperatures throughout the house, efficiently and quietly.

Why Duct Design is Important

The efficiency of air distribution systems has been found to be 60-75% or less in many houses because of insufficient and/or poorly installed duct insulation and leaks in the duct system. Properly designed and installed duct systems can have efficiencies of 80% or more for little or no additional cost, potentially saving a homeowner $50-200 or more per year in heating and cooling costs. 

Moreover, efficient duct system designs can reduce equipment size, further saving money for new or replacement equipment.

Duct systems that leak and/or do not distribute air properly throughout the house may make some rooms too hot and others too cold. 

Leaky and unbalanced duct systems may force conditioned air outside and unconditioned air into the house. 

This increases heating and cooling costs and may also draw humidity, dust, mold spores, and other contaminants into a home from the attic, crawlspace, or garage and radon gas from the Soil. 

In extreme cases, poorly designed and installed duct systems can induce back drafting—spillage of flue gases from combustion appliances (e.g., furnace, water heater, fireplace) into the living space—primarily when atmospheric or natural-draft flues are used rather than powered Combustion  systems.

Duct systems that are undersized, are pinched, or have numerous bends and turns may lead to low air flow rates and high air velocities.

Low air flow rates cause the heating and cooling equipment to operate inefficiently, High air velocities increase noise.

Duct Design Objectives

The objectives of good duct design are occupant comfort, proper air distribution, economical heating and cooling system operation, and economical duct installation.

The outcome of the duct design process will be a duct system (supply and return plenums,Ducts, fittings, boots, grilles, and registers) that  Provides conditioned air to meet all room heating and cooling loads.

  • Properly sized so that the pressure drop across the air handler is within manufacturer and design specifications.
  • Sealed to provide proper air flow and to prevent air from entering the house or duct   System from polluted zones.
  • Has balanced supply and return air flows to maintain a neutral pressure in the house, Minimizes duct air temperature gains or losses between the air handler and supply Outlets, and between the return register and Air handler.

Thousands of HVAC FOR LIFE customers have discovered the money saving benefits of having This on line design and calculation for heating and duct work, ready to be applied for city permit by your self , you don't have to wait for your contractor to apply for you at his convenience time. 

Maybe you've received a quote from your local contractor only to come away discouraged by the price or lack of information available about the design and materials. Now there is a better way.

The Layout

Our professional duct layout service will provide you with a well-balanced duct system that is designed and engineered based on the individual room requirements of your home. This layout will provide 

  • A professionally engineered, well balanced duct system 
  • A custom, easy-to-follow "paint by numbers" schematic 
  • Clearly stated duct sizes for every room 
  • Individual register sizes and locations 
  • Return duct sizing and placement 
  • FREE technical support for life! 

Our Process

First, your design expert will work from a drawing of your home that you provide. Then he will calculate the individual air requirements of every room in your home using custom industry formulations that ensure comfortable and balanced air delivery throughout your home. Special attention is given to rooms with large window areas and other points in your home that have lacked proper airflow. Next, he will formulate a view of the duct system as it will look when completed, including main trunk lines, transition points, and ducts to each room. 

Then, he will review the layout with you to ensure that it will fit all aspects of your home and answer any questions you may have. Your custom design requires only 5-7 business days from start to finish. You'll receive a copy of the preliminary layout for final review and any questions you have can be answered at that time.

Hot and cold spots are a thing of the past when you have your system custom engineered by HVAC FOR LIFE. 

The HVAC FOR LIFE Duct Design Service is Perfect For: 

•Retrofitting new ducts to an existing home 

•New construction homes 

•Custom builders needing duct layout help 

•Additions to an existing home 

Get started now

It's fast and easy to get started! Simply provide us with: 

1.A neat and legible drawing of your home (Downward view - each floor as close to scale as possible)

View sample in new window 

2.Individual room dimensions (Show hallways and closets without dimensions) 

3.Window sizes and locations 

4.The on-center spacing of the floor or ceiling joists where the duct work will be located (Measure the distance of the center point from one joist to another as they run parallel to each other) 

It's that easy! Simply fax your drawing to 905-267-2777  or email it to us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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