Residential Gas Boilers

Residential gas boilers Mississauga

VItodens 100 Wall-Mounted Condensing Boiler

Gas-fired wall-mounted condensing boiler with modulating stainless steel cylinder burner and Inox-Radial heat exchanger surface. The Perfect mix of performance, quality and value, the Vitodens 100-W gas Fired wall-Mounted condensing boiler is ideal for any home and any budget. With added product features, the new generation of this popular boiler now offers even greater versatility and choice.

Viessmann made SA240 316 Ti stainless steel Inox-Radial heat,exchanger constructed to CSA B51 and ASME Section IV
Viessmann made stainless steel Matrix cylinder burner,7 models from 31 to 370 MBH (single-boiler installation)
A.F.U.E. rating of 96.1% (models WB2B 19-80),Premium boiler suitable for all applications,Suitable for altitude levels of up to 10,000 ft. / 3,000 m.


MODEL INPUT MBTU/H % A.F.U.E. Viessmann Residential Gas Boilers
WB1B26 37,000 – 91,000 95.2%
WB1B35 37,000 – 118,000 95.2%

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CombiPLUS Kit for on demand DHW

With the new CombiPLUS Kit add on-demand domestic hot water (DHW) to your new Vitodens 100 space heating boiler and say goodbye to your DHW tank. Slightly bigger than a large shoe box, the CombiPLUS Kit installs underneath or beside the boiler and requires only minimal piping and electrical connections.

Featuring stainless steel heat exchanger, pressure bypass valve, DHW temperature and flow sensors, 3-speed pump, 3-way diverting valve, and Low Lead Content Certification*, the CombiPLUS Kit provides nothing but reliable, high-quality DHW day after day.

All the benefits of a Vitodens 100 boiler, plus on-demand domestic hot water (DHW) with CombiPLUS Kit.DHW at the snap of your fingers all day long! Up to 3.6 GPM. Energy-efficient and low-cost due to on-demand indirect-fired DHW production.Reduced energy waste with fully-modulating input from boiler.Space-saving and lightweight wall-mount design. More compact than any other hot water heater.Virtually silent DHW production.Easy installation with all piping and electrical connections included.Quality you can count on! Stainless steel heat exchanger, built-in pressure bypass and 150 psig working pressure rating.Reliable and even DHW supply with built-in DHW temperature and flow sensors.
Complete space / DHW heating management by boiler control, powerful built-in 3-speed pump and diverting valve.
Great fit for apartments, condos, cottages, single-family homes, or installs where space is at a premium.
Certified to NSF/ANSI 372 for Low Lead Content.At a 63 °F maximum temperature rise with Vitodens 100, WB1B-35.


WB1B26 140/60
WB1B35 140/60

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Vitodens 200 Wall-Mounted Condensing Boiler

Equipped with the industry's first intelligent combustion management system and powerful control technology, the new generation Vitodens 200-W gas-fired wall-mount condensing boiler delivers unparalleled performance, reliability and comfort.

Best Value in its Class with new industry-leading technology and the most standard features.Highest Efficiency of up to 98% at full modulation and up to 96.1% A.F.U.E. CSA thermal efficiency to ANSI Z.21.13/CSA 4.9 of 94.5% (for model WB2B 105 only).
Lasting Performance with industry-leading Viessmann made SA240 316 Ti stainless steel Inox-Radial heat exchanger constructed to CSA B51 and ASME Section IV.


MODELS INPUT MBTU/H % A.F.U.E. Viessmann Residential Gas Boilers
WB2B19 31,000 – 67,000 96.1%
WB2B26 31,000 – 93,000 96.1%
WB2B35 31,000 – 125,000 96.1%
WB2B45 60,000 – 160,000 96.1%
WB2B60 60,000 – 212,000 96.1%
WB2B80 104,000 – 285,000 96.1%
WB2B105 104,000 – 370,000 96.1%

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Vitola 200 oil-/gas-fired hot water heating boiler

Highest quality and top performance – this is what the Vitola 200 offers. With its biferral heat exchanger surface, the Vitola 200 sets a new standard, which has written heating history. The heat exchanger surface has a decisive advantage compared to conventional heating surfaces.

Specifically designed for modulating boiler water temperatures without low limit. The biferral heat exchanger surface made of cast iron and steel provides for high operational reliability and a long service life.Low-emission combustion burner (oil- or gas-fired) and optimized combustion chamber t. geometry.Extremely economical and environmentally friendly through modulating boiler water temperature; the boiler switches off completely when no heat is required.Reliable heat transfer due to wide water jackets and large water content.Highly effective boiler insulation for negligible standby losses.
Easy installation and start-up: all Viessmann burners are factory tested and adjusted to the rated output.

MODELS INPUT MBTU/H OUTPUT MBTU/H % A.F.U.E. Gas boilers Mississauga
VB2-18 90,000 – 26,000 75,000 – 22,000 84.5
VB2-22 116,000 – 34,000 97,000 – 28,000 84.0
VB2-33 146,000 – 42,000 122,000 – 35,000 84.0
VB2-40 185,000 – 54,000 154,000 – 45,000 84.0
VB2-50 238,000 – 69,000 198,000 – 57,000 84.0
VB2-63 300,000 – 88,000 249,000 – 73,000 83.9

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