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Lochinvar Residential Gas Boilers

LochinvarKnight Floor Standing Gas Boiler AFUE 95%

Knight is recognized for its reliable, proven performance and high quality standards. Its award winning design assures contractors, and home owners peace of mind and long term savings in operating costs.Lochinvar has raised the KNIGHT standard to even greater heights. The dramatically enhanced SMART SYSTEM™ control with color display gives installers and maintenance personnel a greater level of control than ever before. It's easier to access all the information they need to setup, troubleshoot and monitor all boiler functions. Additionally, two new cascading options allow the installer to fine-tune sequencing of multiple boiler installations.

More than ever, KNIGHT is the best choice for traditional hydronic space heating, radiant floor heating and domestic hot water applications.50,000 - 399,000 Btu/Hr,95% AFUE Efficiency,Up to 98.6% Low Temp Application Efficiency,Qualifies for Federal Tax Credit, ENERGY STAR® Compliant,Condensing Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger,Fully Modulating Burner w/ 5:1 Turndown 


Model AFUE Input MBH Heating capacity Lochinvar Gas Boiler contractors Toronto
KBN081 95 % 80,000 74,000
KBN106 95 % 105,000 97,000
KBN151 95 % 150,000 139,000
KBN211 95 % 210,000 196,000
KBN286 95 % 285,000 267,000

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Lochinvar Knight Wall Mount Gas Boiler AFUE 96%

KNIGHT® Wall Mount, engineered with Lochinvar’s exclusive SMART SYSTEM™ control and an array of other innovative features is far ahead of any heating boiler in its class. It promises and delivers ultimate ease of installation and maintenance.

With up to 99% thermal efficiency, low-NOx emissions and a fully modulating burner, it is the best "green choice" for today’s environmentally focused market. Seven modulating/condensing stainless steel KNIGHT Wall Mount boilers are available with 55,000–399,999 Btu/hr inputs in a space-saving wall-mounted design. All are equipped for direct-vent installation with air intake and exhaust runs up to 100 feet using PVC, CPVC or AL29-4C vent materials. This range of choices is ideal for residential or light-duty applications such as small hotels, schools and office buildings. For higher-demand applications, up to eight KNIGHT Wall Mount units can be installed utilizing the built-in cascading sequencer to deliver up to 3.2 million Btu/hr heating capacity. The new KNIGHT Wall Mount Boiler reflects Lochinvar’s constant commitment to providing all the Options you need to serve every application.


Model AFUE Input BTUH Heating capacity Lochinvar Gas Boiler contractors Toronto
WHN055 96 % 55,000 51,000
WHN085 96 % 85,000 79,000
WHN110 96 % 110,000 102,000
WHN155 96 % 155,000 144,000
WHN199 96 % 199,000 185,000
WHN285 96 % 285,000 264,000
WHN399 96 % 399,000 380,000


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Solution Lochinvar Gas Boilers AFUE 95 %

Lochinvar® Corp. is expanding its product line with the Solution™ high-efficiency residential heating boiler. From its two-stage firing control system to its built-in pumped by-pass and combustible floor shield, the Solution is unmatched in features and benefits. Plus, it is remarkably compact, lightweight, adaptable, and easy to install.

84.2% A.F.U.E. Efficiency,45,000 - 260,000 Btu/Hr,Heavy Duty, Gasket less Heat Exchanger,Lo/Hi/Lo Temperature Control
Built-in Performance Loop,CPVC/PVC Vent Kit Option,Terminal Strip,Service Net Extended Service Agreement Available,


MODEL AFUE INPUT MBH Heating Capacity Lochinvar Gas Boiler contractors Toronto
CB-045 84.2 % 45,000 37,000
CB-075 84.2 % 75,000 62,000
CB-090 84.2 % 90,000 75,000
CB-135 84.2 % 135,000 112,000
CB-180 84.2 % 180,000 149,000
CB-215 84.2 % 215,000 178,000
CB-260 84.2 % 260,000 216,000

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Lochinvar Efficiency Gas Boiler 84% AFUE

Lochinvar Corporation is proud to announce the introduction of the Efficiency+ residential gas boiler, combining energy-saving efficiency with unsurpassed performance and reliability. Ideal for residential and light commercial use, this high-efficiency, direct-vent boiler is the latest in Lochinvar's line of high- efficiency water heaters and boilers.

84% AFUE,150,000 - 300,000 Btu/hr,Two Stage Firing, Sealed Combustion Chamber,Stainless Steel Burners, Low NOx,Operation Exceeds the most,Stringent Air Quality Requirements, ASME Copper Finned Tube Heat Exchanger
160 PSI Working Pressure,Gasket less Heat Exchanger Design,Automatic Reset High Limit,Loch-Heat Ceramic Tile Combustion Chamber,Hot Surface Ignition,ASME Pressure Relief Valve, 24 Volt Control System,Pump Relay,10 Year Limited Warranty, on Heat Exchanger (See warranty for details)


MODEL AFUE Input MBH Heating Capacity Lochinvar Gas Boiler contractors Mississauga
EBN150 83.2 % 150,000 129,000
EBN200 83.2 % 200,000 170,000
EBN250 83.2 % 250,000 218,000
EBN300 84.2 % 300,000 252,000

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